Why am I Here?

Why is it that losing my only child has qualified me to help others cope with their grief? Oh, it's not my only qualification, I am a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist; and, some of my clients call me the "Queen of Grief Relief". But, the thing that has really enabled me to talk with honesty and understanding about living through the experience of loss is that I have lived through it; and, today I am here to tell you, there is a brand new heart buried deep within your broken one. You can read my story by clicking here.

Hope for You!

I promise you, that no matter what you have lost...whether a loved one, your beauty, your job, your marriage partner or soul mate, your home, your freedom, your self respect, your will to live...WHATEVER you have lost...you can become whole again. There is healing for your heart!

Start Over Today!

Let today be the day you begin to live again! Journey with me to the place deep within you where a new heart lies waiting to be released. It won't ever be the same. It can't be. This heart will see life differently. It will feel much more deeply. But, your old heart is bruised and scarred, and it needs to be tenderly examined, and opened to release the emotions and insights buried within.

So, I invite you to contact me using the contact form. I would like to hear your story. If you live near me, please come to one of our classes. If you would like me to conduct a Living Through Loss Seminar in your area, please contact me and we can discuss the details.

I invite you to tell me when you think of things that might help you through your healing journey. I'll do my best to respond and I will also be adding tools to this website often. Please know, I care about you. I understand as only someone who has lived through loss can. I will be here to walk with you and to share your heartache and someday your joy!